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Title Insurance Calculator

Florida Title Insurance Calculator

We hope you find our Florida Title Insurance Calculator helpful for estimating the promulgated title insurance rates that will be part of your closing costs. What does “promulgated” mean? Promulgated rates are title insurance rates set by a state’s insurance commission. These type of title insurance rates and title policy forms are standardized among all the title insurers in Florida. Other charges such as settlement fees, courier, and wire fees, etc. will vary by title company.

You can estimate your total closing costs by adding up your lender fees, title insurance, settlement fees, and recording costs. Alternatively, you can request a convenient and free-of-charge comprehensive QUOTE LINK from us here.

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The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is subject to change based on state regulatory revisions to rates. Clients may be eligible for discounts on various products. This calculation is for title insurance only and does not include customary title charges. No guarantee of rates is expressed or implied by use of this calculator tool.