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Florida Title Insurance Services

The Closing Company, Inc. is a premier Miami title insurance company for buyers, sellers, realtors, and lenders in Florida. Our title company offers reliable, secure, and affordable closings and property transfers, at your convenience.

Our philosophy is to provide buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders, and investors with reliable title insurance and settlement services in Miami. All real estate closing services are conducted with integrity and trust in a timely manner. No excuses. No surprises. Hi hidden or junk fees.

Why choose our title insurance company?

  • 15+ years in business
  • Attorney-owned. Practicing law 30+ years
  • Member of the Florida Bar and American Land Title Association
  • Appointed agents of Fidelity National Title Insurance and Old Republic Title Insurance
  • Approved by Secure Settlements Inc.
  • Insured, bonded, and licensed in Florida
  • American Land Title Agency (ALTA) Best Practice Certified
  • State-of-the-art technology for settlement and real estate closing services
  • Approved settlement agent for the Miami-Dade County Economic Advocacy (HAP)

A title company provides high level professional services that will review the chain of title for a property, and ensure that all liens, judgments, condo/HOA issues are addressed at the time of closing, and the new owner is not left holding prior debt or title defects on the property.

Title insurance protects against fraud, forgery, heirs with prior claims, failure to discharge debt by prior owners, missing signatures, witnesses and notarization on deeds, incomplete or inconsistent corporate documents, to name only a few.

About The Closing Company

The Closing Company is a full service escrow, title and settlement service provider offering a broad range of legal and closing services to consumers and the real estate industry.  The company is committed to reducing the stress and unpredictability of real estate transactions and development work through a stream lined closing process focused on problem resolution and prevention.  Utilizing sound legal practices, modern technology and a dedication to a relaxed closing environment,  The Closing Company has put together a team dedicated to every buyer, seller and real estate professional in a real estate transaction  The company services a steady base of  investors, real estate professionals and mortgage lenders.  The company is based in the Sunset Area of Miami but closings are conducted regularly in the Miami-Dade, Monroe, Broward and Palm Beach counties.  The company is a member of Florida Land Title Association, NILTA Solutions, Title Action Network and American Land Title Association.