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Florida Refinance

Refinance transactions can offer current owners of commercial and residential properties an opportunity to reduce their interest rate and payment, reduce their loan term or cash out of their equity to make improvements  or a renovation loan to their properties or for emergencies.  Whatever the motivation, our Miami title insurance company will make this process as smooth as possible from the loan application to the closing by coordinating seamlessly with your lender. Borrowers can learn to how to save money on their refinance loan.

After closing over 5,00 transactions since 2004 and being approved by all the major lenders in America, The Closing Company, Inc. can assure that your lender receives the title work they need in an on-time and professional manner.

Here are some of the tasks we perform during your refinance:

  • Conduct a title search
  • Title examination by Attorney or Licensed Title Agent
  • Prepare title insurance commitment and comply with all requirements
  • Tax search
  • Order mortgage and lien payoffs
  • Coordinate the loan closing and title insurance for the new lender
  • Prepare all legal documents, e.g. loan documents, affidavits, power of attorney, bill of sale, corporation resolutions and/or FIRPTA documentation
  • Prepare the CD or HUD
  • Pay off open mortgages, liens, judgments and HOA dues
  • Conduct the physical closing
  • Disburse closing funds
  • Record the mortgage and all other necessary documents with the Clerk of the Court
  • Issue owner’s and lender’s title insurance policy (approximately 8-12 weeks after closing)


Our title company is backed by the most financially solid and reputable title insurance underwriters in the world Old Republic Title Insurance and Fidelity National Title Insurance.   As appointed agents of these companies we are working with the most modern and up to data in the world. Our company has received the coveted rating of “low risk” SSI rating service utilized by most of the nation’s largest lenders.

Our office handles commercial and residential refinances ranging from single family homes and condos to multi-unit and commercial properties. Attorneys and Paralegals will assist in navigating the loan process.

About The Closing Company

The Closing Company, Inc. is a full-service escrow service company and settlement service provider that has been licensed and bonded in the State of Florida for 15 years.  Our services include refinance and purchase transactions, lender title review, private lending legal representation, real estate legal services, and document preparation services.