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$250 Settlement Fee . Refinance Boom Special. Fast Attorney Closing.


We are pleased to offer a $250 Refinance Boom Special for all residential refinance closings from  3/9/2020 until 4/30/2020. With rates as low as 3.0-3.5% borrowers are taking advantage of low cost closings and are able to both reduce their monthly payment and in many cases eliminate their PMI (primary mortgage insurance).  The time is now to consider a refinance.

All borrowers on single family home or condominiums will pay only  a $250 settlement fee. This fee does not include your wire fee or title insurance. Reminder – Borrowers on a refinance are entitled to reissue credit. This provides a hefty discount when they present the title company  a copy of their owners title insurance policy

What is the first step? Reach out to a few lenders and obtain a Loan Estimate, Read on about how to seek out a great loan officer

Once you have identified a great loan officer, provide that loan officer our contact information and we are off and running toward your closing.

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