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Top 10 reasons to select your own title company (and not let someone else select for you!)

Title insurance

  1.  It is your right by Federal and State law to select your own title insurance and closing agent.
  2. Selecting your own title and closing agent will insure that the company reviewing the title work is working on your behalf, not the seller’s
  3. The “title mills” hired by sellers frequently ignore or do no research code violations and open permits and do not disclose them to the buyer
  4. Paying for the one-time expense of the title insurance as the buyer, may be the best investment you will make in your property.
  5. Bank owned properties and short sales make it appear that you are “forced” to utilize their closing agent.  Read the contract carefully to determine who will be handling your closing.
  6. Bank owned properties and short sales are the highest risk and most “desperate” transactions in real estate. Do you really want the seller to be handling the title work and closing on your behalf?
  7. The title insurance for bank owned properties often has “exceptions” for insurance not generally accepted in the industry.
  8. Bank owned “title mills” are known for their shoddy work and one–sided closing practices. If they handle 1,000 + closings a month for that seller, their loyalties will likely be to that source of income
  9. Realtors and lenders like to steer buyers to their vendors for a myriad of reasons. Protecting the buyer is not usually one of them.
  10. We are on your team and closing right is our only objective.

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Top Reasons to select your own Florida title company
Top Reasons to select your own Florida title company