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We are not a discount title agency. Here’s why.

Title insurance

Rebates. Discounts. Slashing. The internet has created fierce competition for title deals and every title provider has been affected with lower per file revenue and increased government regulation on pricing. Competing neck to neck with companies providing 70% discounts to the public is difficult for  any properly staffed  and experienced title company.  Though we strive to be competitive, we won’t undercut ourselves. Nobody buys Nike because they are cheap? Why would someone go cheap on a purchase with an average $250,00 price tag?

Here is why we don’t discount :

  • We value our work product.
  • Our work product is backed by 15 years of experience.
  • Our work product is backed by 35 years of practicing law.
  • We are underwritten by the two most reputable and financially sound underwriters in the world Old Republic and Fidelity National Title Insurance.
  • Our appointment as title agents and a title agency is an arduous, long and valuable process.
  • We serve at the discretion of the Florida Department of Financial Services and our Underwriters. The privilege of that appointment reflects that we are a safe harbour for the public’s escrow funds
  • We are entrusted by consumers, lenders and 3rd parties with closing funds and nonpublic, confidential information.
  • The work we do requires meticulous attention to detail; Oversights can cause serious damage to others.
  • We serve the public in a fiduciary role.
  • We were good enough to survive the recession-that makes us bad a**es.
  • Our team thrives on striving for perfection and a “never look back closing”.
  •  We hire the best vendors in the industry: Our Municipal Search, Surveyors and Title Examiners are the best in the industry.
  • We don’t cut corners on our vendors because the stakes are too high and our reputation is too precious too us. We only work with top notch service providers.
  • Our technology, protocol and banking security features are costly . Not only do we safe harbour funds but we transmit funds to lenders, sellers, buyers and 3rd parties.
  • We offer multiple closing locations to our clients througout Florida in professional upscale offices with full services.
  • We would rather lose a deal than lose a client.
  • We would rather lose a deal then leave our client have title issues.

Providing top notch title services is our passion. Passion is rarely discounted!

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