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What is a title search?

Title Search

What is a title search?  A title search looks for mortgage, judgments and liens that are appearing  on public recorded against a specific real estate property.

Does a title search reveal all judgments against the owner? Only if it was recorded against that specific property.

What does a title search not reveal? 1. How much is owed to the Homeowner/Condo Association in maintenance fees unless they have  recorded a lien. 2. code violations 3. open permits 4. survey issues i.e. boundary encroachments, easements etc. 5. liens in progress, not recorded 5. municipal violations( i.e dog registration fines, water bills) 6. other liens against the owner that may still attach in due course i.e. credit card bills, child support etc.  7. special assessments either public or private by the HOA/Condo Association or any other public or private body

How does a title search compare to title insurance?   Though a title search is used for the  issuance of Title Insurance,  unless a buyer specifically purchases title insurance, the title search itself does not offer the buyer any protections.

Click on the image below to see a sample of a title search:

sample title search report