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What other closing costs should I expect besides title charges?

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What other closing costs should I expect besides title charges? Who customarily pays for what?

Buyer and seller’s closing costs consists of charges from various parties. Beyond the title insurance and settlement charges, buyers and sellers will often pay the following 3rd party fees related to their transaction: Lender fees, tax service companies, surveyors, appraiser, Condo /HOA Association, realtor commission, insurance, mortgage insurance, Municipal Lien Search company and Clerk of County Court for the loan and deed recordings.

Below is a breakdown of typical charges found on a closing statement and who customarily pays for these charges. Please note, every contract and its’ terms vary, so refer to your contract for specific information.

Customary additional 3rd party charges


  • Title insurance & title related charges? (varies by contract)
  • Municipal lien search ? (varies by contract)
  • Title search ? varies by contract)
  • Survey
  • All Loan fees
  • Mortgage recording fees
  • Documentary stamp taxes on the mortgage
  • Realtor /Broker Transaction fee


  • Title Insurance & title related charges ? (varies by contract)
  • HOA /Condo Association Estoppel Letter charge
  • Realtor commission(s)
  • Broker Transaction fee
  • Documentary tax stamps on the deed (also known as transfer tax)
  • Mortgage payoffs

Please note, you may have other charges not shown here. Refer to your Loan Estimate and your Purchase/Sale Contract for guidance. This document is for informational purposes and not to be relied upon. It is the buyer and seller’s responsibility to obtain estimate of closing costs.

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