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    “Right of survivorship” means if one of two or more title holders becomes deceased, the remaining title holder(s) receive title to the property. Consult with a Probate Attorney if you are unclear how this will affect your estate or tax planning. If you leave this question blank, your deed will be prepared by default with "tenants in common".
    The Closing Company, Inc., and its officers, employees and attorneys (hereinafter collectively “TCC”) has not conducted a title search, and TCC will not provide an opinion of title or issue an owner's title insurance commitment, title insurance policy, or title warranty, on this requested document preparation. No attorney-client relationship exists and none will be implied as a result hereof. No title insurance or warranties are being provided by TCC, nor any warranties on the accuracy or enforceability of the document, nor does TCC guarantee marketability or insurability of title. The customer hereby agree(s) to indemnify and hold harmless TCC in the event any claim of conflict, damages, injury, or lawsuit arises from the preparation, execution and recording of the quit claim deed or other documents, regardless of the reasons for such claims. A HUD1 , 1099s or closing statement (CD, HUD) will not be issued by TCC for this transaction. In the event that any error, omission or mistake in the preparation, execution and/or recording of the quit-claim deed or other documents results in any claim of damages or injuries, or otherwise requires the payment of monies, the undersigned parties hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless TCC against any and all liability, including any liability for negligence on the part of TCC. In the event The Closing Company, Inc. is required to hire an attorney to enforce or defend any provisions of this Disclaimer, the undersigned agree(s) to pay all costs of legal costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, and costs, whether or not suit is brought. TCC does not accept responsibility for the calculation of transfer taxes and fees. Transfer taxes may be due and payable upon the transfer of real property, and if so, then please advise TCC of the consideration paid of for the transfer of the property, which may include a share of any outstanding mortgages being assumed by assignee.. A Quit Claim Deed does not reveal title defects, unpaid taxes, pending tax sales, survey or boundary encroachments, open permits, code violations, municipal violations, unsafe structure and demolition orders, utility balances, unpaid homeowner/condo association fees or special assessments due or any title defects, outstanding liens or encumbrances. Grantor and Grantees convey and accept in "as-is" condition, both as to property condition , title condition and marketability of title. Please note that time lags exist for publicly recorded documents and you may not receive the recorded document back for 4-8 weeks. Property taxes may increase as a result of this transfer. This transfer may trigger the loss of homestead exemptions and tax increase caps. If the property is sold for consideration, or if the property is conveyed with an existing mortgage, then the conveyance may require the payment of transfer taxes. Additionally, if the proiperty is conveyed by quit-claim deed, then any prior existing title insurance policy may be cancelled as a result. ATTORNEY DISCLAIMER: The undersigned specifically agrees and acknowledges that no legal advice has been provided by The Closing Company and/or Martyn Verster, Esq. and Martyn Verster, P.A., and no attorney-client relationship has been created or none ,may be presumed by this agreement. In order to establish an attorney-client relationship, an attorney-client retainer has to be signed and executed and a separate attorney fee retain has to be paid to attorney Martyn Verster. Unless and until a separate attorney-client retain agreement has been signed by both the undersigned client and by the attorney, and a separate retainer fee payment has been made to the attorney, there is no attorney-client relationship between the undersigned client and Martyn Verster, Martyn Verster, P.A., and/or The Closing Company. TAX ADVICE AND ESTATE PLANNING ADVICE DISCLAIMER: Client acknowledges that no FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act) tax advice, ordinary tax advice, or estate planning advice of any type has been provided to client, and client may not and will not rely upon any such advice from The Closing Company or Martyn Verster, Esq. or Martyn Verster, P.A. The Closing Company and attorney Martyn Verster, Esq. and Martyn Verster, P.A. are not accountants and are not qualified to provide advice in these areas. Client agrees to hold The Closing Company and Martyn Verster, Esq. and Martyn Verster, P.A. harmless and to indemnify them against any claims or damages that client may sustain in reliance on any advice from The Closing Company and Martyn Verster and Martyn Verster, P.A.