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Conversation with a Power Mortgage Banker

Closing Disclosure

After 15+ years on the front lines at the closing table, we have worked with many Lenders and Mortgage Brokers/Bankers....

What buyers need to know right now about loans: Emphatic tips from a title agent!

Closing Disclosure

From our vantage point, an average of  50% of files cancel due to financing issues. A recent buyer had to...

Q&A on closing a Renovation (RENO) Loan for that diamond in the rough

Closing Disclosure

When I recently called a loan officer I knew at Wells Fargo for a buyer  needing urgent assistance after a...

Think carefully before rocking that 3 day CD boat

Closing Disclosure

With the new CFPB regulations that went into effect October 3, 2015 in full swing now, buyers, sellers and realtors...

Ready to close! We are CFPB, ALTA, TIL-RESPA, Closing Insight, TRID, SSI approved and compliant

Closing Disclosure

On October 3, 2015 the new CFPB Closing Disclosure rule went into effect triggering fundamental changes in the way lender...

All you really need to know (now) about the Closing Disclosure form (“CD”)

Closing Disclosure

R.I.P. “HUD”. After 4+ years of government muddling and 18 months of delays, preparation and stress- inducing industry webinars, the new...

Setting up your For Sale by Owner for success

Blog | Closing Disclosure | Real estate intelligence

Though realtors broker the majority of real estate transactions, buyers and sellers do often find each other directly and strike...

Where to start? The “new HUD” TILA-RESPA closing disclosure form goes live August 1, 2015

Closing Disclosure

As the “old HUD” heads to that burial ground reserved for long lasting but still confusing government forms, the information...