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Order a Fast Florida Quit Claim Deed

Legal | Quit Claim Deed

Need to transfer title quickly for a Florida property? Let us accurately and quickly prepare the Quit Claim Deed for...

The case for small to mid-size lenders using independent title review services


Recently, a residential lender asked us to work on its behalf reviewing the work of borrower selected title companies underwriting...

Attorney pointers: Planning ahead to buy and sell Corp/LLC-owned real estate in Florida


Corporate owned real estate sales and purchases can turn out to be unnecessarily complicated transactions. For sales in particular, lack...

Taking title as joint tenants with “right of survivorship ” avoids headaches


For buyers who are not husband wife, but seeking to simplify estate planning or reduce concerns about how real estate...

Leases may require tenantsto be responsible for repairs


Prospective  tenants need to read their leases carefully. Some leases now require tenant to be responsible for “wear and tear”...

Using a Florida Power of Attorney for a smooth closing with absentee buyer or seller


Will you or your seller or buyer be out of town for their closing? Real estate transactions for both buyers...

Buyer, Seller or Borrower out of town for their closing? Make sure that Power of Attorney will cut it


Three  things every Realtor and Lender should know about Power of Attorney documents (also commonly known as “POA”): #1: 99%...

The key to a smooth seller closing – Seller Representation Services


In today’s complicated real estate market, our company can efficiently coordinate a closing for sellers.  We can supervise the closing...