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Though tedious, HARP refinancing still going strong for “underwater” homeowners


For borrowers still locked into a higher variable interest rates, we see the government’s HARP program work really well for...

To “assign” or “not assign”: Let commercial buyers ponder their options!


Buyers of commercial properties need flexibility when making their commercial/business real property purchases. When preparing the initial offer, it is...

Video: Secrets to saving on your closing costs


Buyer and borrowers have buying power in today’s real estate market, so use this knowledge to gain control of your...

Top 10 reasons to select your own title company (and not let someone else select for you!)

Title insurance

 It is your right by Federal and State law to select your own title insurance and closing agent. Selecting your...

The key to a smooth seller closing – Seller Representation Services


In today’s complicated real estate market, our company can efficiently coordinate a closing for sellers.  We can supervise the closing...

Great refinance rate at 3.75%


It’s raining refinances! Great closing by Bank of America last week with a 3.75 fixed rate, 30 years. Contact angel.walker@bankofamerica.com...

4th quarter 2012 closed sales up 21.2% from 4th quarter 2011.

Real estate intelligence

Good news for South Florida. Read the full article here . All the data is available at the Florida Association of...

What is that pesky title insurance charge everyone complains about really for?

Title insurance

Ever wonder what title companies really do and why they do it? It is pretty simple actually. Our only goal...