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Video: 5 things every buyer should know in South Florida

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Our short video provides great information on how a professional and reliable title company can be the front line of...

Spring into your Spring deals with a reliable and experienced Miami title company

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What do you need this Spring to get your deals done? A reliable and experienced Miami title company ready to...

Title search? The most important step in the real estate closing process

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Real estate buyers and investors should leave nothing to chance in 2018

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South Florida’s unique and challenging real estate market also offer unique opportunities for real estate investors to get ahead of...

What is a title search?

Title Search

What is a title search?  A title search looks for mortgage, judgments and liens that are appearing  on public recorded against...

Why buyers are better off going “local” when selecting a title company

Title insurance

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Coconut Grove Rotary Club Presentation : “What every South Florida Buyer Must Know” Oct 26th at 1230PM

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Post IRMA Recovery Special $250 settlement fee . No junk fees. Save $700

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          Let’s get our game back on and let us be a part of your recovery...

Office closure information


Due to Hurricane Irma’s impact on South Florida, our office is closed until power and internet have been restored to...

I am under contract in Florida. What happens after the hurricane?

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With thousands of properties under contract in Florida, buyers and sellers are nervously asking themselves will I have to close?...