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FinCen GTO issued 8/22/17: What does this actually mean for Corp/LLC cash buyers?

Real estate intelligence

On August 22, 2017 the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) , within the U.S. Department of Treasury, issued another geographic...

BEWARE Buyers and sellers: Wire fraud is rampant !

Real estate intelligence

Buyer and sellers need to be aware of the high incidence of wire fraud in the real estate and loan...

Leave nothing to chance: Tips for smooth closings in 2017

Real estate intelligence

Leave nothing to chance in 2017 on your real estate purchases  South Florida’s unique challenges in real estate sales also...

Buyers and sellers need to be extremely cautious with all wire instructions

Real estate intelligence

Due to the high incidence of hacking into title companies system,  buyers and sellers needs to use great caution during...

5 easy-to-miss documents every buyer should take away from closing

Real estate intelligence

Customarily, every buyer receives a copy of the deed, Closing Disclosure/HUD, condo approval, mortgage and note. But there a few...

Filling the financing void with private equity funding

Real estate intelligence

Watching deals unfold from contract to close and being privy to the financing process for hundreds of individuals every year,...

Top 5 things realtors, buyers and investors should know for 2016

Real estate intelligence

The HUD is out and the “CD” is in: The new Closing Disclosure (mostly referred to as the “CD” and...

Setting up your For Sale by Owner for success

Blog | Closing Disclosure | Real estate intelligence

Though realtors broker the majority of real estate transactions, buyers and sellers do often find each other directly and strike...

Top 5 Things Every Buyer Must Know in South Florida

Real estate intelligence

What goes wrong? A lot of things! Loan denial. Title problems. Open permits. Code violations. Insurance problems. These are just...